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STUDIO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD are the one biggest professional selling TFT LCD PANEL supplier in Taiwan.We offer all kinds of PANEL MODULE & LCD PANEL( Including for LAPTOP, MONITOR, INDUSTRIAL and TV Panels.Size’ s available 2” until 19” ) We can provide a lot of closeout model and stock specially AUO( AU) , CHIMEI( CMO) , SHARP, Toshiba, SAMSUNG, HITACHI, HANNSTAR,BOE,LG .We provide Brand NEW and high Quality Lcd Panel.We have Q.C team to ensure the Quality and shipping Staff can arrange the package which we can ship on time with safe condition in time.Please kindly visit our website for more infomation regarding to our company or directly contact me at MSN/EMAIL Skype:Studio_sevice. Quality- 100% Brand NEW,A Grade Original Packing Q.C Tested Model No. A065VL01 V.2 A070VW04 V.0 A070VW04 V.3 A070VW04 V.4 C070FW01 V.0 C070FW01 V.1 C070VW03 V.0 G084SN03 V.1 A085FW01 V.5 CLAA089NA0BCW CLAA089NA0CCW LP097X02-SLA3 HSD100IFW1-A04 HSD100IFW4-A HSD100IFW1-F01 B101AW01 V.0 5A DP/N: 0K253P B101AW01 V.1 0A FRU: 42T0617 B101AW02 V.0 0B B101AW02 V.3 0A B101AW02 V.3 B101AW03 V.0 1A B101AW03 V.1 5A with CT code B101AW03 V.1-V 5A with CT code B101AW03 V.1 B101AW06 V.0 0A B101AW06 V.1 0A B101AW06 V.3 1A B101AW06 V.4 1A B101EW02 V.0 1A B101EW02 V.1 0A FRU#27R2475 B101EW05 V.0 1A FRU#XXXXXX B101EW05 V.0 for Lenovo B101EW05 V.1 0A B101EW05 V.1 for Acer B101EW05 V.2 1A B101EW05 V.2 for Asus B101EW05 V.3 B101EW05 V.3 for Acer B101EW05 V.4 1A for Dell/ 0A B101EW05 V.6 0A B101EW06 V.0 0A N101L6-L01 C1 DP/N: 0D035T CLAA101NB01 CLAA101WA01 CLAA101WA01A CLAA101WB03 HSD101PFW2-A00 Rev.0 HSD101PFW2-A00 HSD101PFW2-B00 LP101WH1-TLB1 D/P#OM875K LP101WS1-TLA2 LP101WSA-TLN1 with CT code CLAA102NA0DCW (Brightness: 400cd/m2) G104SN02 V.0 G104SN03 V.1 G104SN03 V.2 HSD110PHW1-A00 Rev: 0 B116AW02 V.0 0A B116XW01 V.0 6A B116XW02 V.0 B116XW02 V.1 1D FRU#04W2053 B116XW02 V.1 B116XW03 V.0 0A/ 3A/ some without H/W B116XW03 V.1 0A B116XW03 V.2 0B B116XW03 V.2 B116XW05 V.1 0A B116XW05 V.1 LP116WH2-TLN1 B121EW03 V.9 B121EW04 V.1 0A B121EW08 V.0 0A B121EW09 V.0 0A B121EW09 V.2 1A B121EW09 V.2 B121EW09 V.3 B121EW09 V.4 0A with CT code B121EW09 V.4 B121EW09 V.6 0A B121EW10 V.0 0A B121EW10 V.2 0A HSD121PHW1-A01/ A03 HSD121PHW1-A01/ A03 HSD121PHW1-A01/ A03 LP121WX4-TLA1 B125XW01 V.0 4A FRU#93P5671 B125XW02 V.0 0A with CT code LP125WH2-TLB1 FRU#93P5673 B131HW02 V.0 0A B131RW02 V.0 B133EW03 V.3 HW:0AXXG B133EW04 V.3 0A B133EW04 V.4 B133EW04 V.4 B133EW05 V.0 B133EW06 V.0 2A with CT code B133EW07 V.1 0A B133EW07 V.2 B133XW01 V.0 0A B133XW01 V.0 B133XW01 V.1 B133XW01 V.2 B133XW01 V.3 3A B133XW02 V.0 5A; 9A/ 1A with CT code B133XW03 V.0 0A FRU#04W1653 B133XW03 V.1 B133XW03 V.2 B133XW03 V.3 0A B133XW03 V.4 0A B133XW04 V.0 0A N133B6-L02 Rev C1 for HP CLAA133UA01 CLAA133WA01 CLAA133WA01A CLAA133WB01A LP133WH1-TLA1 for HP LP133WH2-TLL3 LP133WX1-TLA1 for HP N134B6-L02 Rev C1 B140RW02 V.0 B140RW02 V.1 0A FRU# B140RW02 V.2 0A with CT code B140RW03 V.1 0A DP#0WJ139 B140XW01 V.0 0A B140XW01 V.6 HW:0A B140XW01 V.8 4A with CT code B140XW01 V.9 0A B140XW01 V.B 0A with CT code B140XW02 V.0 0A B140XW02 V.1 B140XW02 V.2 1A B140XW02 V.2 B140XW02 V.3 0A B140XW03 V.0 2A with CT code B140XW03 V.1 2A with CT code B140XW03 V.2 CLAA140WB01A CLAA140WB11A CLAA140WB11A HSD140PHW1-A00 Rev:0 for HP HT140WXB-501 D/PN: 01W3CW LP140WH1-TLC1 for HP LP140WH1-TLC2 LP140WH4-TLB1 Dell P/N: 0KJ262 LTN140AT02-B01 LTN140AT07-B01 N140B6-L02 Rev:C1 B141EW04 V.5 2A B141EW04 V.5 B141EW05 V.4 1A B141EW05 V.4 B141PW01 V.2 HW:0A for Dell B141PW01 V.4 HW:0A for Dell B141PW03 V.0 0A DP/N: 0PP324; 3A B141PW04 V.0 0A B141XN04 V.2 HW:5AXXX LP141WP1-TLA1 LP141WX1-TL01 for HP LP141WX1-TLE1 for HP LP141WX1-TLE1 for HP LP141WX1-TLG1 for HP LP141WX3-TLN4 for HP M150X5-L01 LP150X05-C2 LP150X08-TLA1 (LP150X08-A2) for HP LP150X09-B5K8 for HP LQ150F1LA03 LQ150X1LCD3 N154I2-L01 A4 N154Z1-L01 C1 TX39D97VC1FAA A00 QD15TL07 REV02 LTN154AT11 LTN154BT05-001 for Dell LTN154CT02 for Dell LTN154CT03 for Dell LTN154P1-L04 LTN154U1-L03 LQ154M1LW02 LTD154EZ1D for Dell B154EW09 V.1 HW:0A, HW:1A B154PW01 V.0 B154PW01 V.1 0AXXG B154SW01 V.B 8A with CT code B154SW02 V.0 B154SW02 V.1 LP154W01-TLA2 with CT code LP154W01-TLB7 LP154W01-TLH1 for HP LP154W02-TL09 FRU: 13N7150 LP154WE2-TLA7 with CT code LP154WP4-TLA1 LP154WU1-A1K1 LP154WU1-TLA2 D/ PN: 0J804C LP154WX5-TLA1 with CT code LTD154EX4F B156HW01 V.0 1A B156HW01 V.5 B156HW02 V.0 1A B156HW02 V.1 4A B156HW02 V.3 0A B156HW02 V.5 0A B156HW03 V.0 0A D/ P#00RAM B156RW01 V.0 0A DPN 0J148K B156RW01 V.1 3A B156RW01 V.1 HW:0A, HW:2A for HP, HW:1A for IBM B156XW02 V.1 0B B156XW02 V.2 4A with CT code/ 4A without CT code B156XW02 V.6 0A B156XW02 V.6 B156XTN02.0 B156XTN02.1 B156XW03 V.1 0A B156XW03 V.2 2A B156XW04 V.0 5A B156XW04 V.1 0A B156XW04 V.5 0A B156XW04 V.6 0A G156XW01 V.0 N156B6-L0B C1 N156BGE-L21 C1 N156O6-L01 C4 for HP CLAA156WA01A CLAA156WA07A (3D-LCD panel) CLAA156WA11A CLAA156WA12 CLAA156WB11A CLAA156WB13A LP156WH2-TLE1 for HP LP156WH4-TLB1 FRU#84W8428 LTN156AT01-B01 LTN156AT02-A04/ B04 LTN156AT19-W01 LP164WD1-TLA1 for HP B170PW06 V.2 0A for HP B170PW06 V.3 0A for HP/ Non-HP M170EG01 V.9 M170EG01 V.D MT170EN01 V.B MT170EN01 V.D LP171WU1-TLA2 DP/N: 0RP618 LP171WX2-TLB2 DP/N: 0UM606 B173HW01 V.0 1A B173HW01 V.4 0A D/P#0X919N B173HW01 V.5 0A B173HW02 V.0 0A B173RW01 V.1 1A with CT code B173RW01 V.1 B173RW01 V.2 5A with CT code B173RW01 V.3 5A/ 7A with CT code B173RW01 V.5 0A N173O6-L02 C1 CLAA173UA01A LP173WD1-TLA1 LP173WD1-TLN4 for HP LP173WF1-TLC1 for HP LTN173KT01 LTN173KT02-B01 N184H3-L02 C1 N184H4-L01 C1 N184H6-L02 C1 LTN184KT01 MT190AW01 V.C T260XW02 V.M T420XW01 V.9 15.6 LED Converter 16.0 LED Converter 17.3 LED Converter Contact: Meldy Chen STUDIO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Tel:886-3-439-3386 Ext.221 Fax:886-3-439-3326 Mobile:+886 917 358 104 Skype:Studio_service Yahoo:studio_lcdpanel Mail/MSN:
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