Dell Latitude, HP Elitebook, Lenovo Thinkpad

WTS: Dell Latitude, HP Elitebook, Lenovo Thinkpad
Part Number: N/A
Expiration date: Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Category: PC&LAPTOPS
Manufacturer: MIXED
Price: N/A
Quantity: N/A
Product Overview Today's list contains:

Dell E5420,
Dell E5430,
HP 8440p,
HP 8470p,
Lenovo T410,
Lenovo T420 SSD
Lenovo T430 SSD,
Lenovo X230 SSD,
Dell E7240,
Lenovo T440s i7 SSD,
Lenovo T450 i7 SSD,
Lenovo W520 SSD,
Lenovo W530 SSD
Lenovo X1 Carbon 4 SSD

All in good working and cosmetic order, complete, with chargers. E-mail me for the entire list.
Seller Information ZAR-KOM
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