WTS: Solutions For Legacy Media


Feeling nervous about what to do with your old media? Let Graham Magnetics solve the issues
involving your legacy media.


"I have rooms full of old tape I may never need to read, but am required to
keep by my legal team."

"I have 3 legacy drives, 2 of which I 'vulture' for parts because no one provides maintenance any longer"

"Our recent merger resulted in over ***-***-****cartridges, and some AIT as well. What do I do with them, and how do I find out what is on them?"
Graham Magnetics has experience solving these
and other legacy issues:
  • Conversion Services; performing

bit‐for‐bit copy from legacy to new

  • Discovery Services; identify 'acquired'

media to determine future use

  • Deep Archive Storage; Store legacy media offsite in our secure facility, freeing up your space and assets and then convert or retrieve only the information you need when you need it in a format you want.

  • SLA Framework; Contract with Graham to guarantee and provide legacy drives if you ever need to transfer, copy, or read legacy tape, allowing you to decommission legacy drives.

  • Grahams Tape Archive Program allows you to take numerous tapes and combine them onto a single tape. This technique of archiving data allows for older legacy media to be archived and the legacy tape drives to be retired (if needed).
Graham Magnetics has experience solving these
and other legacy issues:
  • Copy older format/platform tapes to newer tape or disk technology

  • Save thousands of dollars on legacy drive maintenance, operating software and connectivity issues

  • Eliminate the legal requirement to "keep those old drives operational" by having Graham transform that old data to a format you can use

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