WTB: LTO-5 Tapes, all brands HP C7975A, LTO-5 Ultrium Tape - Fast Pay! - 1.5/3.0 TB, storage media

WTB: LTO-5 Tapes, all brands HP C7975A, LTO-5 Ultrium Tape - Fast Pay! - 1.5/3.0 TB, storage media

Top $ for surplus new and used LTO-5 Ultrium Tapes 1.5/3.0 TB - all brands,

Dell 02H9YH ***-***-****/ 3W22T 7J4HF

Fuji ***-***-**** ***-***-**** ***-***-****

HP C7975A C7976A C7977A

Imation 27672 29080

IBM 46X1290 00V7590 38L7302

Maxell ***-***-**** ***-***-****

Oracle ***-***-****01A ***-***-**** ***-***-****

Quantum MRL5MQN-01 MRL6MQN-01 MR-L7MQN-01

Sony LTX1500G LTX2500G LTX6000G

TDK 61857 62032

>>>> Please contact me with your counts - Offers within 24 hours.

Why should you trust DTC Computer Supplies ?
- Family owned business
- 45 Years in the data tape recycling business
- 25 Years in the same company owned facility

How can we help you ?
- FREE secure eradicate all data on all purchased media
- We pay for shipping with complete chain of custody
- DOD, SOX, and HIPAA compliant
- FREE Data Destruction Certification
- Conversion projects for all types of media
- Secure disposal of non-value tapes and cartridges

We will arrange and pay for shipping from anywhere in the world.

3592 JJ, JD, JB, JC, T-10000 (T2 only), HP LTO-2 & LTO-3, most brands LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, & LTO-7, 4mm 125m DDS-3, 150m DDS-4, 170m DDS-5, DAT72, DDS-6, DAT160, DDS-7, DAT320, 8mm VXA, X23, V23, X10, X6, SLR-5, SLR-7, MLR-1, SLR-32, and all types of cleaning cartridges.

Norm Hutton
Wholesale IT Procurement & Sales
DTC Computer Supplies
Phone: ***-***-****Toll: ***-***-****
Fax: ***-***-****
Skype: dtcnorm
Trillian: dtcnorm

Seller Information DTC Computer Supplies
All types of Tapes and Disks available: 3480, 3490e, 3570-B, 3570-C, 3570-CXL, 3590-J, 3590-K, 9840, 9940, DC6150, DC6250, DC6525, MLR, SLR, DLT III, DLT IIIXT, DLT IV, DLT S-4, DLT VS160, LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, SAIT, Super DLT, Super DLT II, Travan TR-1, TR-2, TR-3, TR-4, TR-5, TR-7, 4mm DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3, DDS-4, DAT72, 8mm AIT-1, AIT-2, AIT-3, AIT-4, 8mm 112m and 160m, 8mm Mammoth AME, AME-2, 8mm VXA, Optical, Jaz, Zip, & all types cleaning cartridges * Custom box labeling * International orders accepted * 100% satisfaction guaranteed * Negotiate for quantity discounts * If it's in stock, our pricing can't be beat * New and fully certified media available * Complete in-house labeling and initialization * Request photos of any products or packaging * Lifetime warranty on all certified media products * Blind drop shipments (with or without packing slip)
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