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Data Center Services
Graham Magnetics is actively involved in helping our customers protect and conserve their resources and the environment.
Graham Magnetics can handle all of your needs when it comes to data
center staffing, technical services, data center cleaning, and data center
relocations or expansions.
Deep Archive Storage
Graham Magnetics can ensure your data is safe and secure with your
choice of dedicated vaulting services to meet YOUR security and budget
Document Conversions
Graham Magnetics can convert pre‐existing paper documents to digital
formats that are easily maintained and accessible.
Disaster Recovery
Media Copy & Conversion
Our experience in recovering
data ranges from tapes that
were submerged in flood
waters to tapes from the 9/11
WTC disaster.
Graham Magnetics can
copy/convert data from one
media type to another format
to meet ongoing
Scanning & Audits
Graham Magnetics offers on‐site services to scan volume serial numbers and reconcile bar‐coded items with customer listings   •  P: ***-***-****  • 1715 4th St, Graham, TX 76450
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