WTS: Hascon's activities this week: IBM/EMC/Netapp/Brocade/Cisco/Oracle/SUN/Dell/Intel/HDS/SGI /STK/Quantum/Seagate/ Mellanox/Lenovo and more.

Hascon's activities this week: IBM/EMC/Netapp/Brocade/Cisco/Oracle/SUN/Dell/Intel/HDS/SGI /STK/Quantum/Seagate/ Mellanox/Lenovo and more...

Dear Broker Colleagues,

These are some of our weekly activities regarding used IT hardware. We only put the headings of our broadcasts into this email. All details and configurations on request If you feel that you would be interested in systems we sell or that you are able to supply anything we have been looking for, we'd appreciate your reply.

1.) You will see Hascon's WTS (Want to sell ) broadcasts in the first part.

2.) You will see Hascon's WTB (Want to buy) or P&A (price & availability) broadcasts in the second part.

1.) Hascon's WTS broadcasts:

These systems are available ex stock Germany or ex customer's sites in Europe (more single-item information on request):

We are looking for buyers of SAS and Fibre Channel disks 2.5"/3.5" Seagate/Hitachi/all types
WTS 1 x IBM 2818-M05, z114 Series System
WTS 2 x IBM 2827-H20 zEC12 zSeries
WTS 120 x EMC Centera Nodes, 256 x 2TB, 224 x 3TB SATA Disks
WTS 1 x HP 3Par 7400 Multisite System, 192 x M6710 900GB 10k SAS disks, 4 controllers
WTS HP package consisting of HP P4500-G2 left hand series systems, 1TB/600GB disks, DL360/580 Gen 5, BL460c G5/G6, MSA60
WTS 1 x IBM 2098-E10/ L01 z10 BC zSeries System
WTS NetApp All-Flash Storage AFF8080, FA2620, 220x 3.8TB SSD, 400GB SSDs
Who deals especially in High-End Netapp Systems, Netapp All Flash Storage and others?
WTS: Who deals in ZTE ZXUN Hardware, GGSN/GSM/LTE3/LTE4 equipment?
WTS 2 x Dell EMC DS-300B/Brocade switches 16ports
WTS Who deals especially in GGSN and other cellular equipment from ZTE, for example?
WTS Large list of telecom items, Nokia/Alcatel/Ericsson/ZTE/Marconi
Who buys/kauft especially/insbesondere HP 3PAR 7400 Series Systems?
Who deals especially in Supermicro/Nutanix, DELL XC and Flextronics hardware?
WTS 150 x DELL Optiplex 790 SFF/7010SFF/790Minitower/Latitude D505/E5510/E5520/E5530 and more
WTS 20 x Checkpoint 12200 Firewall
WTS We are looking for Check Point Firewall dealers
WTS 1x IBM 2098-E10/H02, z10 BC, zSeries system
WTS 2 x HDS HUS VM Disk Storage System, 132 x 600 GB Disks, 50 x 200 GB SSD
WTS 4 x Cisco Nexus 5548UP Series Systems
WTS HDS Compute Blades, 9 x Double/Single Blades, 30/16 Cores, 520X/520H
Who buys/has experience with repairing defective Intel Xeon E5-26xx v4 processors?
WTS 60 x HP J9019B/J9020A/J9782A/J9778A Switches
WTS 15 x APC RACK ATS/ automatic transfer switches
WTS 16 x IBM 3584 TS3500 Tape Library, HA/L23/D23/S24, no drives
Who has any experience in buying/selling Fireeye Series Servers?
Who deals especially in HDS/Hitachi HUS/Hitachi Unified Storage Systems?
WTS 236 x Fujitsu Esprimo P5731, 4GB, 320GB, dualcore 2.93/2.6GHz
WTS 100 x HP Probook Notebooks
WTS 2 x Oracle T8-2 SPARC system, 5.0 GHz processors, 1TB memory
WTS 6 x STK T10000C, Fibre Channel, Tape Drives
WTS 1 x STK SL8500 Tape Library, 1448 Slots, 3 Modules
WTS 2 x EMC DataDomain ***-***-****x 2TB SAS Disks/15 x 3TB SAS Disks
Who assembles/baut complete/komplette PCs made out of new and/or used components?
WTS 2 x NetApp FAS3240-R5, 96 x 450GB, 48 x 900GB disks
WTS 4 x IBM 8284-22A Power 8 Series Systems
WTS 6 x IBM 8202-E4B, 9117-MMB, 9117-MMC Power 7 Series Systems
WTS 121 x Cisco C6800IA-48FPDR
Who is interested in several Cray XC30, XC40 and XC50 series systems?
WTS 4 x IBM 00DJ269 1TB eMLC Flash Modules for IBM 9843-AE1/Flash 840
WTS 3 x Oracle/SUN T5-8 Half-Rack Superclusters equipped with 3.6TB disks
WTS 10 x HP BL460c Gen9
WTS 1 x HP 3Par 7400, 1 x HP 3Par 7200 Systems
WTS 1 x EMC VNX5700 series system
WTS IBM package 8202-E4B, DS3524/EXP3524/EXP3512, 2005-B64/B32
WTS 80 x Cray XC30/XC40 blades, including chassis
WTS 50 x Cisco C899G-LTE-GA-K9, EU Systems Brand New, NIB
WTS EMC XtremIO X02 System, 25 x 800GB Flash Drives
WTS 400 x very special mainboards, 4 nodes, 8 processors, 32 memory slots
WTS 1 x Quantum Scalar i6000 Tape Library
WTS Various IBM DS4700 and DS3400 disk storage systems
WTS 1 x IBM 3573-4UL Tape Library, 45slots, 2 x LTO5
WTS 3200 x Copper Server Heatsinks, AAVID, P/N: ***-***-****327208_REV D 1315
WTS 1 x HP P9500 Diskstorage System (Hitachi VSP)
WTS 46 x Juniper EX4200/EX4550/Mag2600, Cisco FP8350 V01/FS2000-K9/ASR1001-HX
WTS 2000 x IBM 3592-JB Tape Media
WTS 2 x Dell M630/VRTX PowerEdge systems, 2 x CPU E5-2650 V4, 192GB RAM
WTS 2 x EMC Vplex systems
WTS 1 x EMC VMAX 100k system
WTS 1 x IBM 2818-M05 z114 series system, 1 x 4086 / I02 capacity marker
WTS 10 x Intel Xeon Phi 5100, SR12A, 1,05GHz CPU
WTS 1 x SGI UV1000, 256 x 8core CPUs, 16TB RAM
WTS 135 x Cisco 2911/2960S/2960/2600/881/886VA/3602/3925
WTS 1 x EMC Data Domain DD670, 12 x 1TB disks / 3 x EMC VNX ***-***-****x 300 GB disks
WTS 256 x Intel Xeon E7-8837, 2,66GHz/8core processors
WTS 2048 x Micron 8GB 4RX8 PC3-8500R, 1066MHz server memory modules
WTS 1 x Megware Cluster high performance system (Supermicro based)
WTS 120 x Lenovo X1 Carbon laptops
Hascon buys and sells IBM zSeries/Mainframe: WTS IBM 2818-M05/z114; 2098-E10/O02, E10/L01, E10/H02 z10 BC series; P&A 2828-J01/M01/O01 BC12 zSeries Systems
WTS 1 x SUN 6140, without disks
WTS 2 x SUN Oracle T4-4, 4 x 8-Core 2.998Ghz, 64 x 16GB
WTS approx. 3700 x Memory Modules, 4GB/8GB/16GB, PC3 2Rx4/2Rx8 ECC Memory
WTS 1 x IBM 9119-MHE Power8 series system, 4.35GHz, 32 core processors
WTS 3000 x 2GB/4GB/8GB DDR2/DDR3 Server Memory Modules
WTS Approx. 480 x AMD Opteron/Intel Xeon Server Processors
WTS 500 x EMC VMAX 1TB disks, brand new!
WTS 240 x Intel E5472, 3.00GHz and Intel X7560, 2.23GHz
WTS 2000 x STK T10000 A, used tape media
WTS 1 x Cray XC40 Series Systems, Intel Xeon Phi 7250 Processors
WTS 70 x HP BL460c Gen8, 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2650L 1.80GHz processors
WTS 110 x Cisco UCS B200 M2/M3 series systems
Who buys used Power Supplies, midrange and high-end?
WTS 1 x IBM V3700, 72 x 1TB NLSAS disks, 17 x 2TB NLSAS disks
WTS 1000 x IBM LTO4/5 used tape media
WTS 7 x Bull Express 5800 series systems
WTS 1 x IBM TS3310 tape library, 1 x Expansion, 6 x LTO5 tape drives
WTS 1 x IBM DS8100, 2107 series system
WTS 80 x Intel Xeon Phi ***-***-****Core/1.4GHz processors
WTS 14 x NetApp DS4243, 144 x X306A 2TB SATA Disks / 192 x X412A 600GB SAS Disks
WTS 5040 x 4GB ECC DDR3 Server Memory
WTS 80 x Voltaire 4036 Grid Director Switches
WTS 1260 x AMD Opteron 6132HE 8-Core 2.2GHz Processors
Who assembles / builds Desktop PCs and can use AMD processors?
WTS Are there any brokers in Asia buying Huawei servers? Please contact us.
WTS Is anyone interested in IBM 7029-6CS, 7028-5C1, ***-***-****55A, 8203-E4A, 7028-6C4, 7029-6C3?
WTS 4 x IBM iSeries Systems 8204-E8A Power550 Express, 9109-RMD p760, iSeries
WTS 14 x IBM TS3500/3310 LTO4/5 tape drives
WTS 6 x Huawei RH2288H V3 servers, without memory/processors
WTS 2 x NetApp FAS2552 High Availability System, 48 x 600GB 10K Disks, 12 x 2TB Disks
WTS 3 x Cisco UCS-SPR-C240M4-P1 Servers, 2 x E5-2660V3 2.6 GHz, 32GB
WTS 6 x Cisco, 480GB 2.5"6G SATA SSDs, UCS-SD480G0KS2-EV
Who is able to upgrade SGI UV1000 blade servers with 10-core Intel CPUs?

2.) Hascon's WTB/P&A broadcasts ("P&A" means looking for price & availability, this is similar to "WTB"):

For customer projects (more information on single items on request) we are looking for these systems:

P&A 4 x STK/Oracle LTO8 drives for SL8500 libraries
P&A 50 x HP DL160 G09
P&A 8 x Oracle/STK T10000D Ficon Tape Drives for SL8500, NEW
P&A NetApp E5400 / E5460 Disk Storage System
P&A 1 x Oracle Exadata X3-2 Quarter Rack or x4-2 Half Rack
P&A Small packages of 20-30 Supermicro X9/X10 systems, any configuration
WTB 1 x Hitachi HUS130 Controller with or without 600GB or 900GB SAS disks
Who has available ex stock or who is looking for any HDS VSP series systems?
P&A 1 x IBM 2828-J01 or M01 or O01 BC12 zSeries System
P&A EMC Xtreme IO X2 Series System
Who has available Chenbro servers or Terradata servers?
P&A Who has available NetApp E-Series Systems ex stock, e.g. E5400 or others (ex LSI Storage)
P&A 2 x Cisco B200-M4, 16 core, 2.3 GHz
P&A: Up to 20 x NetApp Shelves DS4246/DS4486 with 8TB SATA disks or higher
P&A 450 x NetApp 8TB or 10TB disks for DS4246/4486
WTB Who has any IBM 2097 or 2098 z10 series in stock?
Who has any technical knowledge about Cray XC30 and/or XC40 Series Systems?
Hascon buys IBM FlashSystems 840/900/V840/V9000/A9000/A9000R and more
Who has available ex stock up to 500 x Supermicro 1U/2U servers with / for AMD processors, 64GB (8 x 8GB memory)?
P&A 2 x IBM ***-***-****/224, V7000 Storwize, 48 x ***-***-****inch 10K 600GB disks
P&A 48 x IBM ***-***-****" 10k 600GB disks for V7000 Storwize 2076 Systems
P&A Disks for SGI IS4600, 2TB, 7.2K
P&A 192 x 32GB/64GB memory modules for various Dell servers
P&A IBM V9000/A9000 Flash Systems
Who has large stocks of Supermicro servers, with/without memory/CPUs?
P&A 4 x Brocade 6505 FC Switch, 8/16 active ports (or 6510 or OEM)
P&A 4 x HP SN3000B Switch, 8/16 active ports (or HP SN6000B)
P&A Hascon is looking for various IBM P8 and P9 series power systems
P&A 4 x Brocade VDX 6740 switches
P&A 100 x IBM 300GB 15K disks, 242 x 32GB memory, 98Y6010/78P0639
P&A 4 x IBM Batteries for Flash 840, 00DH517/02CL197 , only used or defective!
P&A 1 x IBM DS8800, ***-***-****equipped with 300GB disk drive sets
P&A 32 x IBM 8GB modules for 8202-E4B, 4529/77P8919
P&A up to 10 x NetApp Shelves, DS4486 with each 24 x 8TB (2 x 4TB) X480X-R6 Disks
P&A 1 x IBM V3700 Expansion 6099SEU, 2,5" SAS 10k 600GB disks
Does anyone know a Polish shipping company for shipping computers/racks to Germany?
P&A 5 x HP Apollo 4510 or 4200 Series Systems, 24 x LFF
P&A Who has available 2 x IBM Power8 8286-42A, each with 2 x 10-Core Proc/2048GB RAM?
P&A We are looking for sources of packaging trays for CPU and RAM modules
P&A 5 x HP BL460c Gen8 or Gen 9 Series Systems, 12- or 16-core processors
P&A 5 x Dell PowerEdge M620 blades for VRTX chassis (= PCIe)
P&A Who has available SGI systems: SGI Altix ICE X or SGI UV/UltraViolet 2000 series systems?
P&A Who has SGI Infinite Storage 5000 Series or other SGI Storage Systems available?
P&A 10 x Supermicro 1U/2U server with any type of 2600v3 processors
P&A 10 x IBM/Lenovo x3650-M4 series systems
P&A 2 x Dell/EMC Isilon X410 Nodes, 96TB
P&A NetApp E5500 series systems
P&A 64 x Intel Xeon E7 2800 series/4800 series/8800 series, 10core processors


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