WTS: Disks 300GB / 600GB, 3,5" Used IT-hardware for/from Datacenters in Germany, UK, USA, Asia, and worldwide!

Dear Broker Colleagues,

These disk packages are immediately available ex Germany:

1.) 252 x 600GB/15k disks
Manufacturer: Hitachi

Hitachi PN: 0B24499
Model No.: HUS156060VLF400

NetApp MKTG PN: X292A-R5
NetApp PN: ***-***-****A0

All disks come in original Netapp caddy

2.) 768 x 300 GB/15k Disks
EMC p/n ***-***-****
EMC p/n ***-***-****
Most are : Seagate PN: ST3300657FC
Some are: Hitachi PN: HUS156030VLF40

3.) 384 x 600GB/10k Disks
EMC p/n ***-***-****
EMC p/n-***-***-****
EMC p/n ***-***-****
Most are: Seagate PN: ST3600002FC
Some are: Hitachi PN: HUC106060CSS600

4.) 224 x 300GB/15k 3.5" FC disks
NetApp PN: X279A-R5
Manufacturer PN: ***-***-****

Deinstalled out of NetApp systems with original NetApp Caddy.

More information on request.

Wir freuen uns ueber Angebote aus Deutschland und international.

Best regards,
Holger Has

Contact Hascon Sales Team at:

Gasteiner St. 6
10717 Berlin, Germany

TEL : ++49 - (0)***-***-****
FAX : ++49 - (0)***-***-****
E-MAIL: *******@******.***

Our business hours:
9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. Central European Time
3.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. Eastern Time USA


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