WTB: Dell 22in Monitors ...

I’m after 50-200+ Dell 22in A GRADE monitors.  I say 50-200+, because I will take smaller lots of 50, but really need 200+ for stock.


Our preference is larger quantities of one particular model.  200pcs P2213 is much better for us than 13pcs P2210, 10pcs P2213, 8pcs U2212HM, etc.  But we’ll consider what you have.


Target price is $39ea LANDED.


Condition: These must be in good physical condition with no hairline cracks, good screens (no dark spots, bad pixels, etc), free of stickers and ink, good bases.  That said, we actually have 120 good bases already, so we could actually purchase up to 120 pcs without bases – if that matters.  It will certainly keep in-bound freight costs to a minimum if nothing else.


Look forward to your response.


Sean Dion

TKO Electronics, Inc.

31113 Via Colinas

Westlake Village, CA 91362

PH: ***-***-****

FX: ***-***-****




SKYPE: *******@******.***



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