WTS: Apple PowerMac G5 | Mac Pro | Cinema HD Display

Hi, we've got a pallet of Apple equipment for sale and are looking for offers.

The computers are untested but taken from working environments, the screens have been tested.

Located in Glasgow, UK but can be shipped anywhere.

Model Serial Number Comments
A1047 CK442KRTS8H
A1047 CK523H6KRU2
A1047 CK444HC3S8H
A1047 CK528H0SSPY
A1047 CK414H05QEU
A1082 2a6011U1UG0
A1082 2A7012E3UG0
A1082 2A6012UWUG0
A1117 YM5404D7R6V
A1117 CK5450DJR6V
A1117 YM5471PDR6U
A1117 YM5401G1R6U
A1186 CK6340LRUPZ
A1186 CK6340LTUPZ
A1186 CK6340LUUPZ
A1186 CK7011YBXAU
A1186 CK72119CY3P
A1186 CK72119FY3P
A1186 CK73708PZ6M
A1260 W881047MYJX IN Parts
A1270 W881700Y1SH
A1278 C1MLWNEVDTY3 Water Damaged
A1278 C1MLWM78DTY3

Feel free to get in touch if you need any more information or any photos.

Glasgow Computer Recycling
Unit 21, Anniesland Business Park
Glasgow, G13 1EU


Tel: +44 (0) ***-***-****
Seller Information Glasgow Computer Recycling
We are an IT Asset Disposal company specialising in the secure disposal of computer equipment and IT assets. Our services are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and we strive to supply quality reuse equipment.
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