WTS: 800+ SAS/SATA Drives Hot Swap 2.5 - 3.5 inch


Looking for offers on the following:

27pcs 42D0778 IBM Hot Plug 1TB 7.200 rpm SAS 3.5 EUR 34 US$ 39.
50pcs 95P8755 IBM Hot Plug 3Tb 7.2k rpm SAS 6G 3.5 EUR 71 US$ 81.
200pcs ***-***-****EMC HGST Hot Plug 2Tb 7.2k rpm SAS 6G 3.5 EUR 22 US$ 25.
200pcs 49Y2028 IBM Node Hot Plug 600Gb 10k rpm SAS 6G 2.5 EUR 40 US$ 46.
67pcs ***-***-****HP Hot Swap 4TB 7.2K SAS 6Gb 3.5 EUR 110 US$ 125.
71pcs 95P5168 IBM Hot Plug 750GB 7.200 rpm SATA 3.5 EUR 18 US$ 21.
18pcs 81Y9743 IBM Hot Plug 1TB 7.200 rpm SATA 2.5 EUR 87 US$ 99.
46pcs ***-***-****IBM Hot Plug 2Tb 7.200 rpm SATA 3G 3.5 EUR 51 US$ 58.
112pcs 59Y5483 IBM Hot Plug 2TB SATA-***-***-****rpm 3.5 EUR 33 US$ 38.
62pcs ***-***-****EMC Seagate Hot Plug 2Tb 7.2k rpm SATA 6G 3.5 EUR 52 US$ 59.

Used Grade A, 30 days warranty.

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NTS is a leading supplier of used and new computer equipment. We are in the market for more than 21 years. Our focus are businesses, governmental and non- governmental institutions all through northwest Europe.
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