WTS: 500+ FC HBA Cards 8GB and up


Available from stock:

38x ***-***-****HP QLogic 8Gbps Single Channel PCIe HBA EUR 29/USD 33.
20x 46M6062 IBM 8Gbps Dual Channel PCIe FC HBA EUR 25/USD 28.
17x 42D0491 IBM 8Gbps Single Channel PCIe FC HBA EUR 19/USD 21.
128x 42C1802 IBM QLogic QLE8142 PCIe 10Gbps CNA EUR 59/USD 67.
44x ***-***-****HP 8Gbps Dual Channel PCIe FC HBA EUR 19/USD 21.
98x 59Y1890 IBM QLogic QLE7340 4X QDR IB x8 PCIe HCA EUR 59/USD 67.
43x 42D0516 IBM 8Gbps Dual Channel PCIe FC HBA EUR 35/USD 40.
51x 42D0500 IBM LPE12002 DUAL PORT 8GB FC HBA EUR 20/USD 23.
13x QLE7340 QLogic 40Gbps Single Channel PCIe HCA EUR 30/USD 34.
20x 00D8546 IBM Emulex 16GB SINGLE PORT PCIe FC HBA EUR 169/USD 194.
284x 44X1948 QLogic 8 Gb Fibre Channel Expansion Card EUR 12/USD 13.

Pulls Grade A, 30 days warranty.

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