WTS: 1020pcs, Intel, Q6xxx-Q9xxx quad core CPU 775 skt, tested, 12.3 Euro

Please see the list :
Q6600 - 262pcs
Q6700 - 44pcs
Q8200S - 4pcs
Q8200 - 102pcs
Q8300 - 301pcs
Q8400S - 8pcs
Q8400 - 11pcs
Q9300 - 35pcs
Q9400 - 253pcs

take all price 12.3 euro
Seller Information LedMax Electronics
Computer trader Focused on computers and parts Our main goal is to offer our clients only computers at a very competitive price Of course to achieve that we need to buy large qty of computers So if you have any deal of any qty of computers please do not hesitate to contact us
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