WTB: 100-500 of any of the following tested/working drives

WTB: ***-***-****of any of the following SATA, & IDE tested/working drives

Our target prices are below.
If you can meet these price points, send us an invoice and we will immediately process it or call and we will cut a P/O and pay you while we are on the phone.

2.5 Solid State SATA and mSATA Drives
120gb All Brands $10.75
256gb All Brands $27.50
960gb All Brands $100.00
1 TB All Brands $109.00

3.5 inch SATA Hard Drives
160gb All Brands $1.00
200gb All Brands $1.00
250gb All Brands $2.00
500gb Seagate Slim only $4.00
1tb Seagate Slim only $13.50
2tb Seagate/WD only $18.00
3tb All Brands $22.50
4tb All Brands $37.00
5tb All Brands $56.00
6tb All Brands $65.00
8tb All Brands $70.00

Dave Vexler
US Refurbishers
501 W. 184th St Suite 1F
NY NY 10033
(646) ***-***-****
Seller Information usrefurbishers
USrefurbishers help clients are small business that need to upgrade their equipment. We them help to recycle their very old It assets and get newer items. We cater to our clients need to keep costs low and focus on refurbished equipment since our clients don't need the latest and greatest.
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